World Changers

At FIVE14 Kids, we strive to help kids see themselves the way God sees them. Each week, we’ve designed experiences that include age-appropriate Biblical teaching, worship, and a small group experience with an intentional leader who cares about them.

We aren’t just babysitting. We’re developing world changers.

The Hill

(Infant - Pre-K)
Our preschoolers will go on a journey to discover the love and character of Jesus. Through engaging stories and consistent relationships, we'll build a foundation of how much Jesus loves them and how He sees them.
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The City

(K - 5TH)
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Our elementary students will learn that God is writing a story and that we have an active role to play! We provide a safe and fun weekly experience that includes teaching, worship, and a small group time to help them understand who God is and who He says they are!
Our Five14Kids experiences happen every Sunday during both our 9 & 11AM services.

To learn more about the spiritual plan we have for every child from the time they are born until the time they graduate, check out the Five14 Gameplan.